Alex wins the Benjamin Franklin award!

April 1, 2010

Our very own Alex Bateman has been awarded the prestigious Benjamin Franklin award! This is an annual award presented to someone in the community who has made significant contributions to promoting open access in the life sciences.

Nominations are made by at least two members of the community and then votes are collected by the good people at Alex faced some stiff competition from many greats in the field yet still managed to win. He is the third Xfam associate who has won the award, joining Ewan Birney and Sean Eddy.

Naturally, all of the Xfam members are very happy with this result and are currently glowing in the reflected glory (or is that the result of the celebratory bubbly or the unseasonal weather).

Posted by: Rob and Paul.


4 Responses to “Alex wins the Benjamin Franklin award!”

  1. Duncan Says:

    hey that’s great! Congratulations Alex…

  2. […] (Ewan Birney etc), Nicolas Le Novère, Christoph Steinbeck, John Overington, Jean-Claude Bradley, Alex Bateman and The Pfam and Rfam team at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Luis von […]

  3. manuelcorpas Says:

    Great news for the Bioinformatics community this side of the Atlantic and for all of us working at the Sanger and Genome Campus.

  4. ppgardne Says:

    For those that are interested, you can view Alex’s acceptance speech here:

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