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The new NAR paper is out!

January 15, 2012

Dear Pfam-mers,

As you surely have noted the highly anticipated new Pfam paper is out as part of the 2012 NAR database issue! We were delighted to be listed as a featured article. The paper covers the new release 26.0 (more on this from Rob soon) and presents some novel analysis that may be of interest to Pfam addicts like you. We quite extensively discuss our use of family-specific bit score gathering thresholds (GAs), hoping to bring clarity to an issue that seems to have been a source of confusion in the past (a.k.a. stop sending us tickets asking what GAs are and how to use them! :-)). Also, we extend and update the analysis of DUF families that was presented in a previous publication hoping to push more people into the de-DUF a DUF game. So, enjoy reading the paper and send us comments and suggestions, your support and advice is as always invaluable to us!!

Posted by Marco