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Renaming of Transposases in Pfam

June 21, 2010

A few weeks ago the Pfam team was visited by the curators of the ISfinder resource, a specialist database that classifies eubacterial and archaeal transposases and insert sequences.  The ISfinder database has a very different role to Pfam: it focuses on this specific set of biological sequences and is the naming authority in the field for insertion sequences (ISs).  Pfam’s role is not to name transposases, but to identify the domains contained within these sequences.  Below we describe the outcomes of this meeting. Read the rest of this entry »

Xfam consortium meeting – Have your say

May 5, 2010

The Xfam consortium will be having their annual meeting in Cambridge on the 10th-11th May. Members of the Rfam and Pfam consortia including the developers of HMMER and INFERNAL will be getting together along with some friends from InterPro, ADDA and Ensembl.

This is a time of great planning, strategising, and playing kubb. Its also an opportunity for you to influence the future direction of Rfam and Pfam.  Please let us know if you have great ideas for how you would like to see Xfam develop in the future.

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Virtualising the Pfam website

February 24, 2010

A week or so ago we updated the Pfam website at Sanger. There are no major changes to the site, just bug fixes and general improvements, so you may not have noticed any particular difference in the site. Behind the scenes, however, we’ve made some fairly significant changes to our infrastructure, which will hopefully allow us to distribute the website easily to anyone who wants to run it locally.

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