The Rfam Track Hub is back

May 14, 2015

We are pleased to announce the return of the Rfam Track Hub for the UCSC Genome Browser. This hub is available on our ftp site. The hub prodives annotation for the most recent assemblies eight different species at present: Human (hg38), Mouse (mm10), C.elegans (ce10), Chicken (galGal4), C. intestinalis (ci2), Zebrafish (danRer7), Drosophila (dm6) and S. cerevisiae (sacCer3).

To use the hub, simply navigate to the UCSC Genome Browser Track Data Hubs page, scroll down to Rfam 12.0 and click on connect. You can then select any of the assemblies listed above to view Rfam annotation in the UCSC Genome Browser. Click on the image below to view an example.


Clicking on a match gives you the positions of the match, a link to the Rfam family page and the option to retrieve the genome sequence of that match.


Posted by: Ruth Eberhardt

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