TreeFam: What’s in the next release

December 10, 2012

Behind the scenes we are working hard on building the next TreeFam release, which will be TreeFam 9.

TreeFam 9 will have 109 species, that is a 37% increase over TreeFam 8. Most of the species come from EnsEMBL (v.69) and EnsEMBL genomes (v.16) with a few ones coming from JGI.

Besides that – and probably most important for the user – will be our new web site. Based on the success of other Xfam-databases like Pfam [5], Rfam [6] and -most recently- Dfam [7], we decided to give the TreeFam website a face lift by adapting it to the Xfam look&feel.

So, there are great things to come and soon we will have our next blog post.
The next TreeFam blog post will then be about TreeFam 9!

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