Pfam release 24.0

October 13, 2009

We have just released the latest update to Pfam. Release 24.0 contains a total of 11,912 families, with 1,808 new families and 236 families killed since the last release. 75.15% of all proteins in Pfamseq contain a match to at least one Pfam domain. 53.18% of all residues in the sequence database fall within Pfam domains.

As we’ve discussed previously, release 24.0 is the first to be generated using HMMER3. This migration has necessitated changes in our file formats and users should be aware that HMMER3 is not backward compatible with HMMER2. For a list of changes, please check the documentation on the Pfam website.

The new release is currently available from the Pfam site at the Sanger Institute and will be available from the other Pfam sites shortly. This release has been a massive undertaking for us and, although most features of the website are working well, some details remain to be addressed, notably the programmatic interface to the sequence search system. Please bear with us while we bring these back over the next few weeks.

Update: we’ve had one or two users reporting that the tabbed pages in the site (e.g. help, family, etc.) are broken. Although that’s eminently possible, if you see a broken page, please try doing a shift+reload before anything else. That should force your browser to download the latest versions of all of the javascript files, and hopefully fix the problem there and then.


2 Responses to “Pfam release 24.0”

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  2. jun Says:

    I am using to parse hmmpfam results. Is there any substitue or other parser for hmmscan results?

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