Rfam help documentation and demise of the old website

June 15, 2009

We are proud to announce that we have added help documentation to the Rfam website. The new pages can be accessed via the ‘Help’ link in the header of every page in the site.

We have documentation explaining what data we provide, how we build our families, what the curation information means and how to use Rfam for annotating genomes. Also very useful is a list of glossary terms and answers to some of your frequently asked questions (FAQ). The ‘Getting started‘ tab explains how to use the different search and browse methods to access our data and the ‘Privacy‘ tab explains how the Rfam website handles information about users and their data. We have also provided links to relevant literature for Rfam and Infernal. Last but not least we have some information on the various Rfam team members (past and present) and information on how you can contact us. If you notice anything you think we have missed from the help documentation or anything poorly explained do let us know.

The old website

In other news, we have decided to retire the old Rfam web site. The old Rfam web site is technically still alive but has not been updated with data since release 8.1 (October 2007). There has been a large tag on the homepage of the old site directing users to the new URL for at least 6 months and the old site will be taken offline as of Wednesday 17th June 2009. We hope everyone who uses Rfam has finally moved over to the new (and much improved) site.

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