Rfam release 9.1

January 20, 2009

Rfam version 9.1 was released on 12th January 2009. This release included 1372 familes – a big increase from release 9.0, which contained 603 families. The underlying sequence database was based on EMBL 92.

3 Responses to “Rfam release 9.1”

  1. Sean Eddy Says:

    hey, maybe you guys could talk about the timeline for adopting (or not!) Infernal 1.0 in Rfam. We’re starting to field questions about Rfam 9.1 models not being 1.0 compatible. (Partly our fault for not supporting backwards compatibility, I know.)

  2. jenniferdaub Says:

    We have provided the models for release 9.1 calibrated with 1.05rc on the ftp site. Moving Rfam to Infernal 1.0 and re-thresholding all of the families with 1.0 is high up (top) of our list for 2009 but it is gonna take us a little while… I wouldn’t dare suggest a time line in the absence of Paul 🙂

  3. […] This is the meeting where we decide what the big changes for our various projects will be. Since Sean asked for it (and I think it’s a good idea), I thought I would discuss the biggest NBT® […]

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